july 24, 2016 07:29 PM
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Wedding Venue

So you have the venue, the centerpieces , your bridal party, but you still need one very important thing; the dress . The very anticipated white, or off-white, wedding dress. Every bride deserves to look and feel her best on her big day because let's face it, she will be the center of attention. She deserves to feel comfortable and confident, which brings us to finding the perfect wedding dress j or, in this case, the perfect modest wedding dress.

Here, we have broken down the basics to create this special guide to help you choose your modest wedding dress. Because, let's face it, modest does not mean frumpy. You can still look chic and fabulous.

1 . Sleeves: If you are looking for a modest wedding dress, you will need sleeves. Here are a few of the different kinds of sleeves you can go for.

Cap Sleeves: These sleeves usually do not have any fabric on the underarm section, but they do a good job of covering the shoulders.

Short Sleeves: Any above the elbow is considered a short sleeve. The one below adds a rustic, romantic vibe to the dress.

Elbow Length Sleeves: Elbow length sleeves fall right on the elbow if not a little bit farther down. These sleeves will always cover the elbow and look super chic.

Long Sleeves: Anything that goes beyond the elbow is considered a long sleeve. This is usually the most popular kind of sleeve when it comes to modest wedding dresses.

2 . Textures: Wedding dresses come in a variety of textures. Whether you want a lightweight or heavy dress is up to you. Modest wedding dresses can come in both fabrics.

Lace : This is the most common wedding dress texture, and we can absolutely see why. Lace is often used for delicate sleeves, if not on the dress itself. It makes for a perfect covering, while still maintaining that vintage chic look.

Chiffon : Chiffon is loose and lightweight. This texture is flowy and will absolutely make you feel like a beautiful modest princess.

Tulle : This fabric is often found on tutus. It is bouncy and puffy and is perfect for the bride who has always dreamed of a fairytale wedding dress.

Silk Crepe: This fabric is a little more fitted, but it is still lightweight and absolutely dreamy. Add some sleeves to this kind of dress, and you are well on your way to looking absolutely flawless.

3. Length: This modest wedding dress guide would not be complete if we didn't mention lengths. We already know that a long dress is gorgeous and modest, but let's talk about the midi dress.

The Midi Wedding Dress: Perfect for the bride who is looking for something that is not traditional. It covers your knees and it make you look sophisticated and absolutely beautiful

4. Fit: Every body type is different. Choose a wedding dress that will complement your body and still allow you to feel completely comfortable on your wedding day.

A-Line and Ball Gown: These wedding dresses are flowy and princess like. If you are more of a traditional girl, then the classic ball gown dress will be perfect for you. just don't forget to consider the sleeves!

Mermaid: Sleeves go really well with mermaid dresses, and the possibilities are endless. Feel free to play around with the textures.

Fit and Flare: Different from the mermaid dress, fit and flare wedding dresses don't have quite as much drama but tend to be extremely flattering. They are fitted, but if you choose the right one, you can still have a gorgeous, modest wedding dress.

Most importantly, always remember that a modest wedding dress is something you feel comfortable in. Modest is never frumpy j in fact, we think a much better word to describe this style is "sophisticated." Happy shopping!