August 11, 2016 03:54 AM
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Wedding Dresses

officially, the bridal gown to get the maximum number of pins on Pinterest is a stylish boho dress by Grace Lovers Lace, an Australian designer. originally produced by Megan Zeims, the Hollie dress was named after and made for her sister. However, this gorgeous wedding gown has captivated many brides all over the world. Loved by inspiration seekers, this dress has been pinned over 2.5 billion of times on Pinterest.

Who can you blame? The sheath silhouette dress is an excellent mix of sexiness and elegance featuring graceful spaghetti straps, wonderful silk chiffon skirt and a French lace sweetheart bodice. This design makes it perfect for breezy beach wedding as well as bohemian woodland ceremony. Specially designed for Pinterest, Hollie depicts the bridechilla style. Check out the pictures yourself to believe this.

As you can expect, the original version of Hollie is sold out completely, however, if you wish to put on this lace stunner on your wedding, youove got a way out. The reincarnation of original dress, Hollie 2.0 is introduced by Grace Loves Lace to console all the Hollie fascinates.